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Rematek-EV, a division of Rematek Inc., is a leading distributor/installer of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. We provide turn-key solutions for all your residential or commercial projects of electrification of transportation. Rematek has all the required licensing for doing the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charge points. Through the years, Rematek has earned a solid reputation in the renewable energy field by accomplishing major projects.

Rematek has a 18,500 square foot plant combined to a substantial inventory to provide businesses, government agencies and our dealers with the resources they need to execute their projects on time and within budget. Rematek also owns a warehouse in Champlain, New York, United States which allows the company to rapidly supply its American and Mexican customers.

Rematek-Energie is also offering a range of services such as pre-feasibility studies, financial assessment, engineering and system design. Our expertise allows us to assist and bring confidence to our customers in the implementation of mission-critical systems.

Rematek-VE is a subsidiary of Rematek, a certified ISO company since 1998.

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Rematek-EV, a division of Rematek Inc.—Electric vehicle charging stations

8975 Henri-Bourassa West, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, H4S 1P7