Apartments and condos

Increase property value and meet growing demand for EV charging.

Offer smart EV charging as an amenity to your residents.
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Why offer EV charging?

Here’s how your community can benefit:

Apartment owners and managers:
  • Attract and retain high value, green-minded residents
  • Increase average rent and property value
  • Meet emerging state and city regulations
  • Improve your green standing and meet sustainability goals, e.g. LEED certification
Condo community associations and HOA boards:
  • Support condo owners’ requests for EV charging
  • Enable condo owners to add a desirable property upgrade without burdening other community members
  • Make your property attractive to future home buyers
  • Comply with emerging HOA laws and building standards

Why your property needs to be EV ready

  • EV drivers will live where they can charge.
    As more apartment and condominium residents switch to driving on electricity, they need a convenient, reliable way to charge their cars at home. On weekdays, drivers can recover the miles they’ve used on daily commutes and errands. On weekends, they can focus on having fun and taking trips instead of looking for a charge.
  • New green building regulations and incentives emerge every day.
    Apartment and condo properties across the country are installing EV charging infrastructure to meet government regulations and achieve sustainability goals. Rematek-VE can help you navigate this complex landscape of building codes, regulations, grants, incentives, rebates and tax credits.

The DCC Condo

The DCC Condo manufactured by Thermolec is a charge controller specially designed to allow the connection of an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) to be connected to the main power of a unit when the electric meter is accessible from a condo or multi-residential parking lot.

DCC Condo charge controller installation example

DCC Condo charge controller installation example

Need more information?

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