DCC Home charge controller

DCC Home - Elegant EV charging solution for home.

Allow connection to an electrical panel that otherwise would not have sufficient capacity.
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The DCC Home

The DCC Home manufactured by Thermolec is a charge controller specially designed to allow the connection of an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), in a house or dwelling, to an electrical panel that otherwise would not have sufficient capacity to allow the connection.

DCC Home charge controller installation example

DCC Home charge controller installation example


  • Avoid changing an electrical panel already fully loaded.
  • Does not affect the load calculation of an electrical panel.
  • Automatically manages the available energy and protects the main power supply of a home by ensuring that it never exceeds 80% of the main circuit breaker capacity.
  • Included in the case: 1x charge controller, 1x circuit breaker, 1x contactor, 1x distribution box.


Model DCC-10
Voltage and wiring (V) 240 VCA single phase: L1, L2, ground
Main power supply 100A - 125A - 150A - 200A
Terminal size (CU/AL) 2/0 - 6
Secondary load supply (EVSE) 40A (breaker included)
Frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Operating temperature 32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C)
Storage temperature -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Certification CSA US, for United States and Canada
Dimensions (H x L x P) * 27.9 cm (11") x  27.9 cm (11") x 11.4 cm (4.5")
Total weight * 5 kg (12 lb)

* Approximative, can change without notice.

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